Monday, 13 April 2015

new product cake

Assalamualaikum , good afternoon you all .. We see again for this week .. We hope you all always follow this blogger .This we all want to share the new product .. This product very special because have new taste and  new design . The new cake is 'cake lapis kukus " .. We try to create new product for customer  and give the best for all customer .. This is new simple for new product ..


This for simple for new product bakery .. we hope that you all want to try our latest product and we guarantee you will be satisfied with all our latest product .. we always want the best for all of our customers .. Ok just that for this week .. You all can start order our new product and try this product .. . Hope you all enjoy this product and we see again .. 

Sunday, 5 April 2015


Assalamualaikum .. hi all my follower and all lovely customer .. Hope you all enjoy with our blog . Today on this week we want share good news  for you all .. The good news is our product not have GST anymore .. We confirm you all very happy because our product still on old price .This week we want to share new and more cake that we make .



This is our cute simple cake from us .. This cake is suitable for various occasions .. we hope you all try and we liked the cake this product .. We will continue to give the best service to you all and you all never feel regret to try our products. That all for this week and don't worry about GST price .. We will
always keep the loyalty of our customers who continue to support our products. OK !!! MMUAH !!