Monday, 13 April 2015

new product cake

Assalamualaikum , good afternoon you all .. We see again for this week .. We hope you all always follow this blogger .This we all want to share the new product .. This product very special because have new taste and  new design . The new cake is 'cake lapis kukus " .. We try to create new product for customer  and give the best for all customer .. This is new simple for new product ..


This for simple for new product bakery .. we hope that you all want to try our latest product and we guarantee you will be satisfied with all our latest product .. we always want the best for all of our customers .. Ok just that for this week .. You all can start order our new product and try this product .. . Hope you all enjoy this product and we see again .. 

Sunday, 5 April 2015


Assalamualaikum .. hi all my follower and all lovely customer .. Hope you all enjoy with our blog . Today on this week we want share good news  for you all .. The good news is our product not have GST anymore .. We confirm you all very happy because our product still on old price .This week we want to share new and more cake that we make .



This is our cute simple cake from us .. This cake is suitable for various occasions .. we hope you all try and we liked the cake this product .. We will continue to give the best service to you all and you all never feel regret to try our products. That all for this week and don't worry about GST price .. We will
always keep the loyalty of our customers who continue to support our products. OK !!! MMUAH !!

Monday, 30 March 2015


Assalamualaikum , hi you all . We see again ..This week we would like to share a new theme for birthday party. Additional , today many customers who want to make a birthday. In this week we received a lot of orders for birthday . Besides, now we're creating our new cupcake sale reserve 100 seed will get a free 10 seed cupcake. This promotion will end before April 1, 2015.Besides that, this is an example cupcake and cake for the party. The design can be chosen and create their own design theme and its own desires. The design for the party chosen by the customer himself.

 For the information of all starting April 1, 2015 regret to inform that the prices for our products will increase by 6%. Thus, as the government has imposed GST on all company but our prices are not too expensive of the past and the user need not worry because the prices are still affordable.

 We hope that despite the existence of GST you all are not obligated to continue to buy our products. So far for this week. Meet again next week, but with the new price. Price still can be discussed again.
Thanks .. Assalamualaikum

Monday, 23 March 2015

Busy Week for VVIP events ..

Assalamualaikum , thanks to the Allah for their business opportunities for us to continue our cake .. This week we do not have much time to make streak in the blog because we have a lot of reservations of various types of cake ceremony incessantly.We had to steal a little time to update our latest collection of cake due to school holidays. Often, during many customers make reservations especially for wedding receptions and various events .

 We also want to share the story of our company trip last week we made the event in Darulaman Golf Club Centre. The event aims to promote our latest product to outsiders and this event for the top just .We invite only through invitation cards and invitations that can enter our event .

 This is one example of a cupcake that we produce for the event is as flower-themed event. We not only opened the book to the upper classes, but we also opened bookings for all customers at an affordable price. Thanks for spend your time for this blog  ..Assalamualaikum ....

Monday, 16 March 2015

Cake!!! Cake!! Cake!!

Hi !! Good morning to the faithful followers of our blog. We meet again this week and we hope not bored by the development of our cakes. This day we will upload two types of cake a very interesting and delicious.This week we made the cake more because demand this week over the cake for any event in the school holidays. In addition, his special about us is our cake using the steaming method. In addition, many of our customers like the steaming method of burning method for steaming softer and tastes very delicious.

 You can make a reservation physically. if you want to make a reservation physically, you can go to our store most Bakery Seriously, Alor Star. In addition, we have four more branches in Sungai Petani, Jitra , Penang and Baling. We hope you can make reservations at a branch near you.You can make reservations by contacting us online 04-7114252. Just that snippets us at this time and meet again next week. thank you. Assalamualaikum.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Delicious Choco :-)

   Assalamualaikum hye we see again for this week .. Before that, we want to thank all who were willing to support and participate in the development of our blog. Grateful to ALLAH SWT for give we chance to continue our product . Our company business is growing and progressive in the presence of the social networking site that was created as a source of income to us.

 So far only just that about the products our cupcake and cake. We hope you are happy and willing to make a booking for various occasions because we also provide catering services .
We hope you will continue to await our latest product next week. Good luck.

Yummy Yummy ChocoMoist !

Assalamualaikum , hyeee we see again .. I hope you all always happy and healthy.This week we'd like to share some of the latest types and delicious cupcake.yummy , yummy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . You all must to try this latest cupcake.

Lastly , we hope you all like the content in this blog and willing to try out what we have to share this time. okay! See you again another .and do not forget to follow our progress. bye!

Monday, 9 February 2015

Cupcakes ChocoMoist .

Hi, assalamualaikum uolls . Today is the opening day for our latest product cupcakes. We will showing cupcakes made from our own interest that one of them is steamed cupcakes. All is lost if you do not try. Insyaallah must be satisfied and you want more!



 We sell cakes and chocolate cupcakas but with steaming method. This month we want to make promotion for all customers no matter old or young. We want to expand our steamed cakes and cupcakes this. Insyaallah we will be cruising around the country to introduce cakes and cupcakes are everywhere mall. Hope you all to visit the place we'll promote it later. We will updates one by one steamed cakes and cupcakes. If there are any orders for any occasion. Just call this number 01126537114 ..



Please excuse any coarsest language. We only find satisfaction to our customers loved ones. We require only serious buyer. We hope you can become our loyal regular customers .. Thank you very much!