Monday, 23 March 2015

Busy Week for VVIP events ..

Assalamualaikum , thanks to the Allah for their business opportunities for us to continue our cake .. This week we do not have much time to make streak in the blog because we have a lot of reservations of various types of cake ceremony incessantly.We had to steal a little time to update our latest collection of cake due to school holidays. Often, during many customers make reservations especially for wedding receptions and various events .

 We also want to share the story of our company trip last week we made the event in Darulaman Golf Club Centre. The event aims to promote our latest product to outsiders and this event for the top just .We invite only through invitation cards and invitations that can enter our event .

 This is one example of a cupcake that we produce for the event is as flower-themed event. We not only opened the book to the upper classes, but we also opened bookings for all customers at an affordable price. Thanks for spend your time for this blog  ..Assalamualaikum ....

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