Monday, 30 March 2015


Assalamualaikum , hi you all . We see again ..This week we would like to share a new theme for birthday party. Additional , today many customers who want to make a birthday. In this week we received a lot of orders for birthday . Besides, now we're creating our new cupcake sale reserve 100 seed will get a free 10 seed cupcake. This promotion will end before April 1, 2015.Besides that, this is an example cupcake and cake for the party. The design can be chosen and create their own design theme and its own desires. The design for the party chosen by the customer himself.

 For the information of all starting April 1, 2015 regret to inform that the prices for our products will increase by 6%. Thus, as the government has imposed GST on all company but our prices are not too expensive of the past and the user need not worry because the prices are still affordable.

 We hope that despite the existence of GST you all are not obligated to continue to buy our products. So far for this week. Meet again next week, but with the new price. Price still can be discussed again.
Thanks .. Assalamualaikum

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